10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy in 2018

10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy in 2018

Keeping your kids healthy in 2018 can be a daunting task. And child healthcare differs from an adult’s and it is necessary to understand and follow the right practices. Running to your Mount Dora pediatrician for every health issue can be tiresome and sometimes futile.

Being equipped with the knowledge and understanding of proper child healthcare will decrease your trips to the doctor and enhance your baby’s health.

So what baby health tips do you need to know and follow? What are the proper child healthcare practices you need to adopt? How do you know when to take your child to a pediatrician?


Here are 10 child healthcare tips for 2018:


1. Hunger over desire


Ensuring your child is well fed is more important than giving into food desires. Children will always want food that is unhealthy. As parents you get to decide what they eat and in what quantity. Stocking healthy food and cutting down or completely removing unhealthy options is all in your hands. A well balanced and healthy diet is the very first thing you need for your child’s health.


2. An active lifestyle


More and more children can be seen glued to TV’s and other gadgets. As a parent you need to monitor the time they spend on sedentary activities and encourage more physical activity. Children need to run around and play out in the open instead of staring at a screen all day long. This benefits physical, mental and emotional development of the child.


3. Decision makers


You don’t need to be a complete control freak when it comes to eating habits. Present a variety of healthy options and allow your children to pick and choose what they want to eat. This goes for meals as well as snacks.


4. Start young


All good practices and healthy habits must be instilled from a young age. They need to follow good hygiene and healthy practices must be encouraged and be a part of the schedule as early as possible.


5. Mirror Image


Kids follow what they see around them! You need to set the right expectations and be a role model by following routines and healthy practices for your child to mirror your activities.


6. Positive Environment


Creating a positive environment for your children is a necessity. Children who have positivity around them grow to be more stable and emotionally strong individuals. Stress can reduce disease fighting activities in the body which increases the chances of your child becoming ill.


7. Wash off the dirt


Dirt is the most common reason for infections and common health problems. Make your child understand the need to be clean and wash hands before eating and after any outdoor activity. This will help avoid common health issues and boost immunity. Use soap and water whenever possible rather than wipes or hand wash.


8. My Lunch Box!


When children start going to school, healthcare practices need to be doubled. Exchanging germs amongst a bunch of kids happens no matter what, but helping your child understand the need to eat their own food and not let others put their hands in the lunchbox can help. Sharing food is great but not at the cost of catching germs.


9. Make exercise fun


Instead of lecturing or forcing your kid into exercising, make it the most fun part of the day. Cycling, swimming, running or whatever the kid enjoys. Ensure your child gets enough exercise that is a mix of activities. And remember that outside is the best!


10. Regular Doctor Appointments


Don’t wait for your child to become sick before visiting your pediatrician. Schedule regular appointments to ensure your child is healthy- inside and out and always trust an experienced Orlando pediatrician for your children’s health.

In case your child’s health issue persists for more than 3 days, schedule an appointment with the doctor.