2017 Back to School Health Tips for Parents

Summer is over. The school days are waiting ahead. Starting the new school year can be a time for great excitement – and anxiety not only for the kids but also for the parents.

Aside from getting your kids the perfect backpack, durable school supplies, shoes and new clothes, the lengthy checklist does not end there.

As you help your kids get ready for the start of the school year, make sure not to overlook the need to keep them physically healthy and ready for the challenges of heading back to school.

School can put pressure to your kids so safeguarding their health can help them prepare for the challenges ahead. Here are some Orlando Back to School Health Tips for a healthy start:


1. Bring back the bedtime routine


For the kids, one of the bad news when school days are back is saying goodbye to the carefree sleep hours to bedtime and switching back to the early bedtime and wake-up routine. But a good night’s sleep is crucial to staying healthy and mentally ready for the school activities.

To help them adjust, start the transition few days before the start of the classes. Say no to computer games and electronic gadgets before bedtime. Instead, encourage kids to read and play quiet games.


2. Remind your kids about the key hygiene principles


Germs spread faster within the school premises. Remind your kids the importance of handwashing to help keep common illnesses like cough and colds at bay. Teach them the proper way to hand wash and if soap and water is not available, keep hand sanitizers handy. Do not forget to tell them to cover should they sneeze or cough.


3. Keep the head lice away


Head lice also spread easily in schools, especially when kids aren’t too particular with their personal belongings. Check your child’s hair regularly. Spraying tea tree oil may help as a precautionary measure.


4. Make sure your kids shots are up to date


Check your kid’s immunization chart and see if they are up to date. As an Orlando Pediatrician for years, I have seen how kids tend to be more vulnerable to flu. Make sure to obtain vaccines or encourage them to wash hands regularly. Consult your pediatrician to discuss whether your child has health problems or allergies that will complicate the vaccine process.


5. Time for annual check ups


Physical check ups ensure that your child is healthy and free from sickness before heading back to school. Contact your local Orlando or Mt Dora pediatrician to schedule a preventative checkup for your kids.


6. Power up your kids through proper nutrition


Proper nutrition is important especially for growing kids. Provide them with healthy meal plans. Cut on soda and sweets, and always observe right portioning. Pack healthy snacks and meals to ensure your kids eat healthy.


A happy and healthy child will most likely do well in school. Remember these Mt Dora Pediatrician tips to make sure your kids will welcome back the school days with beaming health and get them ready for a fun learning and activities at school.

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