2017 Common Cold Tips to Help Your Kids Survive


When your child has a cold, it can be just as miserable for you as a parent to have to watch them go through it. It’s never easy to see our kids get sick in any way, no matter how common a cold may be.

But they’re practically inevitable for most kids. The common cold is difficult to stop when germs run rampant at school, between friends, etc. And it’s also important to make sure that they do not have the flu.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to treat the cold quickly, so your kids can feel healthy and energetic again in no time.

1. Saline Solutions


Saline (salt water) drops can be dripped into your child’s nostrils to clear up any nasal congestion. Sometimes, congestion can be the biggest problem with a cold. Your child may not like the feeling of the drops at first. But once your child sees how it can clear up their nasal passages, they’re bound to feel better.


2. Increase Moisture


Run an air humidifier in your home, or in your child’s room to help to break up congestion in the nose and chest. It will provide soothing moisture if they’re experiencing dry, chapped lips.


3. Warm Up the Cold


Aches, pains, or chills are common symptoms that your child may experience. Try running them a hot bath, or putting a heating pad on the areas with the most discomfort. It can soothe the pain they’re feeling. The bath can also help to calm their senses so they can get a good night’s rest.


Keep in mind that there are plenty of over the counter solutions to help your child recover from the common cold. However, if you do select a medication to help, be sure to read the ingredients. It’s important to feel confident about the safety and potential side effects.

Never give an over the counter medication to a child who doesn’t fall under the recommended age or weight on the directions.

As always, contact your Orlando pediatrician for questions about the common cold in your kids.