5 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep at Night

5 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

If you are a parent that’s having real difficulty helping your baby sleep through the night, you may want to consider some of these top baby sleeping tips to help your baby sleep through the night with ease.

1. Start with an Early Bedtime


Getting your baby into bed by seven or 8:30 can be a good way to make sure that they can go to sleep and get a full nights sleep. Many parents try to tire their baby out and opt for a later bedtime to help their baby sleep through the night.

If you put an overtired baby to sleep they will often fight going to sleep and remain cranky. An early bedtime can sometimes be far better than trying to put a baby to sleep that’s overtired.


2. Build a Routine


Just like adults, when a baby starts to catch a routine they will start to go to bed at the same time. This could mean starting out a routine of taking a bath, reading a quick book and then tucking them in to sleep. Routine building will help to prepare a baby’s body and mind for sleep. This will make sure your baby isn’t awake at night.


3. Make Sure They Have Things They Need


Your baby may not be sleeping through the night because they may feel uncomfortable or they might not have what they need to get them through the average newborn sleep. Make sure that your baby is dressed in an outfit that’s comfortable for them, that the room is a good temperature, and that they are well fed before bed.

Some babies may not sleep if there is even just a wrinkle in the sheets. Be sure to check on them and make sure they are ready to sleep before you leave the room. Making these adjustments could help with a baby that’s not sleeping.


4. Don’t Put Your Baby Down Asleep


Try to put your baby down as they are becoming drowsy rather than waiting for them to fall asleep completely. If they happen to fall asleep early that’s okay but don’t make a habit of it.

If a baby continues to get worn out and fall asleep before they go into the crib they may never develop the skills that they need to go to sleep when they are in bed.


5. Leave them Alone for a While


This can be a difficult one for a new parent. If you hear your baby wake up during the night wait at least a few minutes to give them a chance to self settle.

Many parents have a habit of going into the room at the first call. This can make it difficult for a child to make the adjustments it needs to sleep without parental help.

Keep some of these top baby sleeping tips in mind for helping your baby sleep through the night. If you have any specific questions, contact your pediatrician

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