7 Most Effective Ways to Soothe a Crying Newborn

Parenthood is a beautiful experience that changes the life of the new parents for better. However, along with unlimited happiness, it also brings a number of worries and anxiety of taking care of the newborns. As new parents, figuring out how to deal with the constant baby crying and the times when the baby just won’t stop crying can be extremely challenging and frustrating at times.

If you’re stuck in such as situation, below are the 7 most effective strategies to appropriately calm and soothe the fussy newborns.

First and foremost, remember that every newborn is different with their individual specific needs and soothing mechanism. In some cases, the baby crying is because they are hungry, wet or tired, whereas in others it might be something completely different. As you go along in your journey with the baby, you’ll eventually figure out the best way to soothe your fussy newborn.

Meanwhile, here are some of the ways that always help to soothe a crying newborn.


1. Constant Movement


Newborns often find it difficult to make the transition from the constant rocking motion while in the mother’s womb to the quiet stillness of the outer world. Many times, the baby crying is related to their need of making this adjustment. The best thing to do is keep gently bouncing the baby up and down to keep it moving. The other strategy could be swinging the baby in very slow and gentle motions from side to side when they need help settling down. This is an effective way to soothe and calm a fussy newborn and can put them at great ease with their surroundings.

2. Don’t Keep it Quiet All the Time


Newborns are used to the constant sounds of the bodily movements before they came into the world and the sudden quietness can make they cry incessantly. To make it easier for the newborns, it is a great idea to make some white noise in the form of the baby noise machines, vacuum cleaners etc. When the newborn won’t stop crying, such dull noises can work wonders in soothing and make them feel calm.


3. Take extreme care of your diet


As essential breastfeeding is for the newborns, the equally essential part is taking care of your own diet so as to go easy on the baby. Many a times, gas and stomach pain can lead to a severe baby crying as their digestive system is still in developing phase and can make it extremely difficult for them to process some of the foods that are going inside them through breastfeeding. The best thing to do here is to use all the hospital resources along with the breastfeeding & lactation advice given by your pediatrician so as to soothe your fussy and constant crying newborn.


4. Swaddle/Wrap Them Gently


As the newborns are still in the process of adjusting to the unfamiliar new world in the initial months, they often crave for the same safety and security as they felt when inside their mother’s womb. If you are dealing with a constant baby crying even when the baby is fed and dry, swaddle and rock him/her gently. By wrapping the newborns tightly, snugly and securing their arms to sides, they get a safe and secure feeling and don’t get startled often. This is, in fact, a great way to create a cozy and comforting environment for the baby that will soothe them and help your newborn fall asleep.


5. Go Outside More


A change of scenery can work wonders in soothing a crying baby as it easily distracts them. Furthermore, too much of light stimulation from TV and other light sources can make the newborn’s anxious and newborn won’t stop crying. Changing the scenery, dimming the lights, and stroking them gently are some great ways to calm them down.


6. Get your partner involved


We often underestimate the capability of dads in taking care of babies. However, getting them involved is a great idea to soothe a crying baby. Not only it will give some much-deserved down time to move, dad can have some of the most innovative ways to calm the babies.


7. Turn up some tunes


Like the gentle, rocking movement, music also has the ability to calm the constantly crying babies. You don’t have to limit yourself to lullabies only and you can try almost many different genres and songs that can amuse and entertain your newborn to no bounds.


If you are having trouble after using your own methods and the above tips, make sure to contact your local pediatrician. They can offer more guidance and make sure there isn’t an ailment that is causing the fussing.