8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween

It’s that time of the year again when tiny ghosts and goblins and the cutest frightening creatures will be calling on your door for some trick-or-treats. Halloween brings along with it lots of fun. But at the same time it is important that you ensure kids’ safety this time of the year.

Famous for its so many great sights and the amazing events that take place this time of the year in Orlando, here are some quick and easy tips for to keep your kids safe this Halloween:

1. Decoration Safety


Regarding Halloween safety, the first thing is the decorations. Pumpkin carving is the popular loved tradition. Do not let small kids use carving knives make use of glitter, glue, paint or markers rather. Instead do the main work and let them do the rest in your supervision. Also instead of candles, go for battery powered lights little kids should not handle fire.

2. Costume Consideration


While selecting a costume, ensure that the fabric is flame retardant. Select disguises which do not have trailing capes which could get stuck, brush against candles or hinder the walking.

Also parents should make the costume in light colors so that kids can be easily seen when it is dark. Add some touches of glow-in-dark or reflective tape on the costume, bag or shoes. Add a name tag with your contact number to costume in case of any emergency or if your kid gets lost.

3. Clear Vision


Masks tend to restrict the depth perception and your kid’s peripheral vision. Cut bigger eyeholes so that they can see properly also make your child aware how the mask or hat will be affecting their vision.

4. Mindful Makeup


Some masks can be done easily with face paint. So you could leave the masks as they restrict your kid’s vision. Before putting on makeup, always test a small area and make sure it is all wiped off before your little trick-or-treater is in his pjs so that any skin or eye irritation is avoided.

5. Candy Caution


Never let kids eat candy out and about. Make sure that you inspect them first and throw away any unwrapped, suspicious candies because all candies are not suitable for kids. Candies which pose a choking hazard for toddlers need to go too. Some kids have peanut allergies so it is a parent’s job to ensure kids safety and see the ingredients on the label. 

Check the goodies they have collected and do not let them eat fresh fruit or homemade treats from people you don’t know.

6. Accessories and Weapons


If you kid has some pointy prop like a knife or sword, make sure it is soft, flexible and short to avoid any harm.

7. Go in Groups


Your kids should always be accompanied by an older kid or a parent. Teach them never to go alone and especially avoid unwelcoming homes. And they should never enter into a stranger’s home.

8. Familiar Paths


If your older kids want to go on their own, map out a familiar path and agree on a curfew. A mobile tracker is good too so you may know where they are.

Following these tips for Halloween safety in Orlando, your kids will have a better chance at being safe. Its time you fix those rickety railings to avoid any falls!

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