Orlando Pediatric Health Guide

  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy in 2018

    10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy in 2018

    Keeping your kids healthy in 2018 can be a daunting task. And child healthcare differs from an adult’s and it is necessary to understand and follow the right practices. Running to your Mount Dora pediatrician for every health issue can be tiresome and sometimes futile. Being equipped with the knowledge and understanding of proper child Read More

  • Taking Baby to the Beach

    Tips for Taking Your Baby to the Beach

    Sun and Beach Safety for Babies Planning a beach getaway? Going out in the sun with your newborn? Looking for tips for taking your baby to the beach? Florida beaches are the perfect places for an outing. You can unwind after days of hard work by enjoying your time in sun, sand, and water. However Read More

  • Tips on Finding the Best Vitamins for Your Kids

    Parents have become too busy and are not always able to cook fresh food at home. And even when we do have healthy meals, our foods do not have the same vitamins and minerals that they used to. We know that fast, processed foods that are low on nutrition. And this is a dangerous trend Read More

  • How to Help Your Kids with Spring Allergies

    How to Help Your Kids with Spring Allergies

    As we finally say goodbye to winter and welcome spring with open arms, we can also be preparing our children for the influx of allergies that this season brings with it. With pollen from trees, weeds, and grass on the rise, our children can find their bodies reacting to these allergens and developing irritating symptoms. Read More

  • What Not to Do in Your Baby’s First 30 Days

    Bringing your newborn baby home, especially for a first-time parent, can be a scary thing. Amidst all the excitement and love you’re feeling, a sort of anxiety can also set in when it comes to making sure you’re doing the right thing. Chances are, you’ve prepared for your baby as much as possible before they Read More

  • Ways to Keep Kids from Getting the Flu

    This winter has been another rough flu season. While the flu can seem unavoidable at times, there are preventative measures you can take to keep your kids as protected as possible from this type of virus. If you’re ready to keep your kids healthy and happy this flu season in Orlando, try out some of Read More