Tips for Taking Your Baby to the Beach

Taking Baby to the Beach

Sun and Beach Safety for Babies

Planning a beach getaway? Going out in the sun with your newborn? Looking for tips for taking your baby to the beach?

Florida beaches are the perfect places for an outing. You can unwind after days of hard work by enjoying your time in sun, sand, and water.

However you need to take some care when you are taking your baby along. After all, you want to make the most of your time at the beach!

Here are some tips for taking your baby to the beach:

1. Pre-freeze food and snacks.

It is better if you put snacks and food pouches in the freezer the previous night.

The consistency of the food by the time you feed it to your baby at the beach will ensure your child is kept hydrated.

2. Pack a spray bottle.

To keep your baby cool from the beach heat, fill a spray bottle with ice water.

Spray it on your baby every now and then. Your baby will enjoy it!

3. Pack some cornstarch.

Cornstarch can astonishingly remove sand from your baby’s skin.

Just sprinkle this staple onto your baby’s legs and arms. This dries the skin quickly and you can wipe off the sand effortlessly.

4. Take your jogging stroller.

It is difficult to carry your baby along with other beach gear, so take a stroller.

Drag it backwards on the sand to make pulling easier.

5. Use apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar works wonders when you use some drops of it for your bath post-beach.

Sometimes your baby’s skin might turn crimson in spite of using the best sun screens.

Apple cider vinegar helps soothe burning and itching.

6. Pack some damp towels.

Damp towels can clean your baby’s skin.

They can also be used to clean other stuff you have taken along.

7. Freeze your water bottles.

The night before you go on a beach outing, freeze some water bottles.

Take them along to beat the heat.

8. Pack your baby’s hat.

This is to ensure baby sun safety.

It is better if the hat has a broad rim and covers your little one’s head, neck and ears.

For added protection you can buy a hat that comes with a UPF + sun rating.

9. Plan a short beach time.

When you are taking baby to the beach, it would be wise to keep the outing short.

Kids are bound to be cranky, especially if they cannot tolerate the heat.

So it is better to be back home before your patience goes out of control.

10. Sunscreen is crucial.

Buy hats and swim suits with UPF+ guard for extra protection.

Keep applying the sunscreen all through the day for baby sun safety.

Sunglasses could be a good option too to avoid harmful rays.

Beach blankets can avoid hot sand sticking to your baby’s skin to some extent.

Moreover it is better if you plan the getaway in the early morning or after 4 pm, when the sun is not at peak.


If it is your first time at the beach with your baby, you never know how your baby reacts until you actually have your initial experience.

So keep all required things in place.

You also need to watch out for your baby’s signs of discomfort.

If your baby becomes too restless or cranky, doesn’t take food or passes urine dark yellow in color, then perhaps it is time for you to head back home.

But if your baby is fine with the environment, then enjoy the splashing waves, the ocean breeze and the shining sun with the above tips in mind!

For questions on beach safety with your baby, please contact your local Mount Dora pediatrician.